Abaqus UDMGINI Tutorial-Abaqus UDMGINI Subroutine

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Abaqus UDMGINI Tutorial-Abaqus UDMGINI Subroutine

The Abaqus UDMGINI tutorial package (Abaqus UDMGINI subroutine-Abaqus user material)) contains videos and files that make UDMGINI training easier and faster with the examples of Abaqus UDMGINI. Consequently, the adopted strategy starts from the simplest case and gradually brings complexities. Hence, It helps researchers and students to learn the Abaqus UDMGINI subroutine in a more organized approach, even for those without any experience in Fortran coding and Abaqus modeling. Thus, We organized the UDMGINI training through three practical Abaqus UDMGINI examples:

Abaqus UDMGINI example#1: Basics of Abaqus UDMGINI Subroutine

Generally, the basics of Abaqus UDMGINI (Abaqus user material) are constant in all written UDMGINIs and sometimes a small mistake can waste a huge amount of your time. In addition, a robust understanding of these basics is necessary to write well-working UDMGINIs. Therefore, In Example#1, we selected a model to apply in UDMGINI and explained in the videos all the required basics such as Abaqus UDMGINI variables (inputs, outputs).

Abaqus UDMGINI example#2: Details of Abaqus UDMGINI Tutorial

Afterward, a medium Abaqus UDMGINI in Example#2 enables understanding more details, more techniques, and converting formulations to Fortran UDMGINI code. Furthermore, you will learn to manipulate the UDMGINI code, change parameters, run it abacus, and add new formulations.

Abaqus UDMGINI example#3: Complexities of Abaqus UDMGINI Tutorial

Finally, the complexities of the Abaqus UDMGINI subroutine are explained line by line in the videos of Example#3. Then, with the training you got from the previous example, you will easily understand and handle the difficulties in Abaus UDMGINI writing. Now, it is the time you write any UDMGINI and of course, we are here always to help.


Do you need more support (Abaqus UDMGINI freelancers)?

Additionally, we provide full 24/7 support for our customers as Abaqus UDMGINI freelancers. You can contact us easily, we typically answer in a minute. We can also do your projects and write your Abaqus UDMGINI subroutine, test it with published results, and teach it to you through Abaqus UDMGINI tutorial videos (order Abaqus UDMGINI project).


Other Abaqus Subroutines

In addition to the Tutorial for UDMGINI Abaqus and Abaqus UDMGINI freelancers, FEAassist provides training packages for other Abaqus Subroutines, [1] that whose applications and links can be found here. Do not hesitate to ask questions from our experts on the Abaqus UDMGINI tutorial and Abaqus UDMGINI examples.

Application FEAassist tutorials More  Application FEAassist tutorials More
Mechanical property UDMGINI Ex. Link UMDFLUX Ex. Link
Mechanical property VUDMGINI Ex. Link Mesh motion UMESHMOTION Ex. Link
Creep and swelling CREEP Ex. Link Cavity motion UMOTION Ex. Link
Nonuniform fluid DFLOW Ex. Link Damage variable UMULLINS Ex. Link
Nonuniform flux DFLUX Ex. Link Initial fluid pres UPOREP Ex. Link
Prescribed BC DISP Ex. Link Prescribed pres UPRESS Ex. Link
Nonuniform loads DLOAD Ex. Link Frequency UPSD Ex. Link
Nonuniform film FILM Ex. Link Read result URDFIL Ex. Link
Nonuniform consolidation FLOW Ex. Link Redefine field USDFLD Ex. Link
Friction FRIC Ex. Link Prescribed temp UTEMP Ex. Link
Friction coefficient FRICCOEF Ex. Link Nonuniform traction UTRACLOAD Ex. Link
Conductance GAPCON Ex. Link Viscoelastic UTRS Ex. Link
Cross-correlation prop. UCORR Ex. Link Element output UVARM Ex. Link
Time-dependent creep UCREEPNETWORK Ex. Link
Nonuniform current UDECURRENT Ex. Link VDFLUX Ex. Link
Nonuniform magnetic UDEMPOTENTIAL Ex. Link Prescribed BC VDIS Ex. Link
Damage initiation UDMGINI Ex. Link Nonuniform loads VDLOAD Ex. Link
User element UEL Ex. Link User external DB VEXTERNALDB Ex. Link
User element prop UELMAT Ex. Link Fabric material VFABRIC Ex. Link
Thermal strains UEXPAN Ex. Link Friction VFRIC Ex. Link
User external DB UEXTERNALDB Ex. Link Friction coefficient VFRIC_COEF Ex. Link
Predefined field V UFIELD Ex. Link Friction VFRICTION Ex. Link
Fluid density UFLUID Ex. Link VOIDRI Ex. Link
Mechanical shell UGENS Ex. Link Amplitudes VUAMP Ex. Link
Yield & hardening UHARD Ex. Link User element VUEL Ex. Link
Hypoelastic UHYPEL Ex. Link Equation of state VUEOS Ex. Link
Hyperelastic UHYPER Ex. Link Thermal strains VUEXPAN Ex. Link
Surface interaction UINTER Ex. Link Yield & hardening VUHARD Ex. Link
Mass flow UMASFL Ex. Link Surface interaction VUINTER Ex. Link
Material’s thermal UDMGINIHT Ex. Link Damage variable VUMULLINS Ex. Link
VUSDFLD Ex. Link Crystal plasticity CPFEM Ex. Link



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 Video#3: A complex example, all details
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