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We normally recive Abaqus projects details from our customers and compelete the projects. The projects are being verified and tested then with published papers results. Next, we prepare tutorial videos and explain all details of models and subroutines. The final package includes all Abaqus and Subroutine files, tutorial videos, extracted results and PDF/PPT files. 

Additional information

Content (files)  All Abaqus+Subroutine files (.for, .cae, .inp, .odb, .njl)
Content (videos)

 Video#1: A simple example, basics, variables, and details

 Video#2: A medium example, most necessary details

 Video#3: A complex example, all details
Content (documents)  A PowerPoint file includes all formulas (.ppt)                                                                 Papers to test the model and subroutine (.pdf)
Suitable for  Beginners to Experts
Downloadable package size  Up to 1GB (Compressed)
Language  English
Abaqus version  All versions
Shipping  Downloadable product (automatic download link after payment)

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The quality of this product was checked to ensure customer satisfaction. You will be fully refunded if you point out a problem with the product.

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